All you got to do is express it!

I am twenty-four and I wish I had a little clue about where I want to head in my life. Oh no! This is not what I think of me, this is what people assume I think of myself. To some extent I may agree with their thoughts, merely agree but beyond the consideration I have never bothered. But let me tell you, I’m the little innovative soul with too many ideas floating in my unbounded imagination. Each idea, each innovation holds up a special place because it always has led me to know one thing about me, I’ll never ever give up on dreaming. Yes! Dream when the mornings shine bright, dream when the moonlit rooms fill you with a world conquering confidence. For dreaming you don’t need a penny, neither do you need space, nor a companion all you need is you been you.

Lately for the job purpose I’m tending to many interviews. Interviews held by top level managers who are well versed in scrutinizing and analyzing a person and some in that random process of criticism and please-me gesture have underlined many virtues about me. They ask me about my weaknesses, my strengths, those are my defining moments for (a) I need the job (b) I need to please him with my answer (c) the answer should be unique and hire-able. So I decided I would simply dodge that question, why? I’ll answer that question later on but before that hear what the manager had to say when I stayed tongue-tied over the answer, ‘I’ll tell you one thing in person, there is a small process called self aware. You got to see yourself through the perspective of other people and underscore the virtues that they think fit appropriate to you. You lack that methodology, perhaps you have never tried to do so.’ Okay now, boom! Suddenly have I gone into the self aware mode? No, I need the job but not at the expense of defining me in a hurry. Also, I’m not going to rant about this quality based cliched HR question because those questions are mandatory for the manager, he can’t ignore them.

However, it is not necessary to have all the appropriate answers, all the time. As a child I was taught to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. I wasn’t taught huge virtues about life, there was only good and bad and I wish to keep it this way all the time, maybe all my life. For I would say the next time, my strength lies in believing the good whereas my weakness is I can’t stand a bad. Maybe they won’t consider my application any further but at least I won’t do a bad by surrendering to huge virtues like perfection, honesty, dedication etc. I’m an employee, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend maybe in the long run someone’s wife all these roles don’t require to define me, all they need is me, good or bad that’ll be situational. For in this life there is nothing as such as a defining moment unless you don’t feel selfless happiness.

For now I’m just enlisting the little innovative ideas that pop-corned in my brain.

  1. I want to write a book on army- you might think writing a book is not really innovative but then the topic surely is. I wish to collect the last letters of the martyred soldiers and collectively publish them in a book. Isn’t it a touching idea? I have few sample letters with me and when I read them I have realized that when it comes to love you really don’t need to go over the top, all you got to be is primitive about it. I hope this idea someday gets on the floor, for it has the courage to storm the blankness we sometimes feel.
  2. Another dream is I want to bring to life Avantika and Nirvaan, the crowd who has been reading this blog will know what I’m referring to.
  3. Roadside project- I have seen many people residing along the roadside. I want to know about them. There are Chaiwalas, the cane product makers, the in-demand sculptors during the festive seasons of Navratri and Ganpati, the sexologist who has his tent pitched along the roadside and is ready to talk and solve all your sex related queries. i want to club all of these experiences on a Roadside project.
  4. I want to design an automated handbag that can be opened through a thumb scanner.

My head is a hot bed of such ideas, are they creative and innovative I won’t judge them but for sure they are my unique ideas and someday, maybe one day I’ll implement all of these for sure. Thank you for stopping by and reading a plethora of my cerebral. Thank you!

Aurvandil, the wanderer!

To the Aurvandil in you,

I ask, what is the place you stay, like? Is it a concrete room with all you need or a bunker with a curved ceiling or else an open wall with open roof tell me? Is it a trench or behind a huge rock? Is it within the deep dark forest where nothingness shines green or a barren land where the green of you is the only camouflage? Or are you on the field glass of the other?

I have to ask just like I have to know, why not this Sunday.